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RE: Easy-0n 40

Point appreciated Franklin. I'll ensure I embrace that. My initial
push is to have good receive and try not to frighten readers off by
over stating the power that will be needed to make the link.
I'd rather promote near perfect reception than too much uplink power.
Of course there's no sense in running a kilowatt up and having poor
receive. Most will want to hear it before they commit to more expense.

For this article the uplink needs to be as low (cost & level) as necessary,
I think in the bangs-for-bucks stakes the biggest gains are on the receive

Thanks very much for your pointer, I'll check it out and do some more

73, Terry.
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At 01:20 PM 6/7/2001, TDCarrell wrote:
>The ao40_s2.XLS program has been most helpful. Now I am looking
>at Easy-Up. Has anyone produced anything like ao40_s2 program for
>up-link calculation? Preferably 2M, 70cm & 23cm. I'm lazy so I'd
>appreciate any help with a spread sheet.

I published a full link budget (up and down) for AO40 some time ago at

This is a single link budget for a ROUND TRIP.  In my opinion, that is what
makes sense.  For many years, people in AMSAT have published these "half"
link budgets, just down, for example, assuming some level of power out of
the transponder.  That never made sense to me.  I'd like to encourage
people to think of this as a system, and compute budgets for the FULL link
instead of half.  There are difficulties associated with this.  Namely, the
satellite team has never published a transponder gain number.  Such a
number is a critical component of a link budget.  So... you have to
guess.  Someday we'll have a number from some measurements I suppose.

I urge you to think of the communications link as a system, and not just a
downlink or uplink.

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