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Re: Drake 2880 Crystal

Hi All:

I have had two very long phone conversations with, and have been exchanging
e-mail with Mark Handly, the Sales Manager at International Crystal Mfg. Co.
Inc. concerning all of the confusion with the Drake 2880 crystals.  I
explained the situation to Mark and voiced my concerns over the problems
that several people were having with ICM's customer service in obtaining the
correct crystal.

I had ordered 4 crystals from ICM a few years ago for my Drake 2880s and had
received the HC-45/U style crystals.   I received the HC-45/U crystals
because I looked at the choices of case styles that they had available, and
requested the one that would fit the Drake's case.

As Mark states, the lead spacing is slightly less than the original Drake
crystals, but the height is even shorter than the original crystals, so they
fit inside the Drake's case very well.  All I had to do was to form the
leads a little bit wider to match the Drake's PCB and they all work well.

Mark has examined the Drake 2880, which was supplied to him by someone else,
and has developed a new crystal, with a custom sized case that will fit the
Drake 2880, just like the original ones used by Drake.  Furthermore, he is
offering ** FREE ** replacements to anyone who received the HC-49/U crystals
and wants to have them replaced.

I have been very pleased with Mark's attitude and willingness to correct
this situation.  In the defense of ICM, they did not create this mistake.
They were given bad information by someone telling them that the HC-49/U
crystal worked fine in the Drake 2880, they * ASSuMEd * that the person knew
what he was talking about, and things got pretty screwed up from there.  ICM
never saw a Drake 2880 until just a few days ago.

Until very recently, the ONLY information that was available to ICM's sales
and customer service people indicated that the HC-49/U was the correct case
style for the Drake 2880.  This information was given to ICM by someone who
did not realize that this was the wrong case style for the Drake 2880.  It
CAN be used by mounting the crystal horizontally with slightly longer leads,
but it is not the best choice.

Several people have mentioned problems with ICM's customer service, and some
even mentioned Berneise by name.  This lady, and the other sales and
customer service people at ICM are NOT engineers, they are sales and
customer service employees.  They do their jobs very well.  You should not
expect them to provide you engineering assistance or advice.

If you have any technical or engineering questions, or are not sure how to
spec a crystal that you need, ASK for Tech support, and talk to an engineer
who understands your problem, or question.

ICM's tech support engineers are divided into different application areas.
If you are asked by the operator or customer service what type of engineer
you want to speak to, you should request a communications equipment

I am not connected in any way with ICM.  However, I am, and have been a
satisfied customer for more than 30 years.



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From: "Mark Handley" <MarkH@icmfg.com>
To: <kj4so@bellsouth.net>
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 17:40 PM
Subject: Drake 2880

> Woody,
> Here is an update on the Drake 2880 down converter crystals. There has
> a lot of confusion and misinformation about the crystal for the Drake 2880
> down converter. First we had customers asking for an HC-49/US holder. This
> is not the correct nomenclature for the crystal. An HC-49/US specifies the
> lead spacing of .192" and a can height of .142" I must purchase enough
> material per frequency to make one thousand crystals minimum for this
> package, so I can not take orders for just one crystal in this package.
> customers have been ordering my catalog number 433292 for the Drake. This
> package is an HC-45/U, which specifies a lead spacing of .148" and a can
> height of .345" This package will work. The leads can be spread enough to
> into the holes on the PC board and still allow the crystal to stand up
> without interfering with the lid. I just received a complete unit with the
> original crystal still installed and what everyone needs to be ordering is
> an HC-49/U with a max. Height of .400" I will be supplying this crystal
> using my Catalog # 540288 for the 8.8125MHZ only and Catalog# 540289 for
> other frequency between 7.5 and 9.99Mhz. Anyone who has my Catalog number
> 540288 with a HC-49/U, with a can height of .450" is welcome to return the
> crystal to me for a free replacement using the HC-49/U with a can height
> .400". Our Sales personnel are very knowledgeable people and are a good
> first choice for information and help with Communication and Amateur Radio
> crystals. However they are not engineers. If you are having technical
> problems, or have technical or engineering questions, please ask to speak
> one of our engineers and we will be glad to help. I hope this clears up
> confusion.
> Thanks
> Mark Handley
> Sales Manager
> International Crystal Mfg. Co. Inc.
> markh@icmfg.com
> 1-800-725-1426

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From: "william washburn" <billwashburn@mediaone.net>
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Subject: [amsat-bb] Drake 2880 Crystal

> Folks,
> I just listened to a message on my answering
> machine from Mark Handley at ICM.  He said
> that he has received a complete Drake 2880
> and will analyze it so that any crystals made
> in the future will be built to fit the device.
> My thanks to the mysterious 2880 donor.  This
> approach should assure that no bad crystals
> will be sent out again.
> Bill, WA6QGR
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