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Kids Day

Be nice if some of us older hams would get on the air and
chat with some kids.  Those of you with only receivers can
let the kids listen in, or drop by my place if you are near.
Invite some kids over to play if you can.  Like shooting, we
need to get kids interested in this hobby if we want it to 
survive.  No mention of satellite work.  Anything planned
by anyone???

>From the ARRL...

* WIDAD, K1MOM and K1D call signs mean it's Kids Day again:
Peter and Jeanne Schipelliti, W1DAD and K1MOM, respectively,
and their kids Geena, age 6 and Luciano, age 4, have
activated the special 1X1 call sign, K1D. The family wanted
to promote ARRL's Kid's Day and assist hams in igniting the
interest of children in Amateur Radio. They plan to use the
call sign from June 2-17. Kid's Day is June 16, from 1800-
2400Z. Listen for K1D on 28350, 21380, 14270, 7230 and 3895
kHz. Hams who plan to put youngsters on the air for Kid's
Day, can get a free Amateur Radio coloring book and youthful
operating aids from K1MOM at: k1mom@arrl.net. For more info
on Kid's Day, see: 

http://www.arrl.org/FandES/ead/kd-rules.html .



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