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Re: AO-40 Arcjet Engine

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, MediaOne wrote:

> I've been reading these AMSAT-BB digests for some time now and have not seen
> the following question asked.
> Why not dump the 400N motor's liquid fuel, the fuel and oxidizer,
> separately, or at least one of the two, to reduce the mass of the bird?

Well, you'd have to magnetorque the bird into an orbital vector that would
prevent the thrust from venting from doing bad things to the orbit.

 Also, there's possibly damage to the motor and its plumbing...I'd be
hesitant to pressurize the system again for fear of rupturing something or
releasing corrosive/hypergolic propellants into the spaceframe via an
already ruptured pipe.

Without knowing, for positive, the state of the spaceframe and the
propulsion systems, it would be unwise to attempt to do anything to them.
Both seem to be happy with status quo right now.

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