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Re: Re: AO-40 Field Day (general FD comments)

>From: Dale Coleman <kf4sir@earthlink.net>
>At 10:27 AM 6/6/01, you wrote:
>Hi Tim and the group, interesting stuff to think about below but lets not 
>forget about the people that can not for whatever reason attend a field day 
>site.  They can still offer a considerable amount of support for field day 
>by putting their home station on the air and providing contacts for the 
>field sites.
>Just about any emergency communication situation that I can think of is 
>going to involve getting information from a cut off area back to areas 
>outside of the affected area to get help, supplies Ect.  By putting your 
>home station on the air (preferably with battery power) you will be able to 
>emulate part of the link that would be used during a real emergency.
>So please show your support for field day and put your favorite mode on the 
>My goal this field day will be to put my station on the air for as long as 
>I can using 100% battery power and provide as many HF digital contacts as I 
>can for the field stations. (don't have my satellite station ready yet)
>That's all for now, Dale kf4sir

I'm glad this was brought up.  FD should be remembered as the opportunity
to practise setting up and operating temporary communications for emergency
situations.  The rules serve to promote this activity from which you learn
much from your mistakes and fellow hams ;-)

I have participated the last few years with a local club and found this so.
 My job consists of providing emergency communication infrastructure for
remote locations during an oil spill, so this is a subject that I'm well

For personal reasons I won't do FD with the club this year, so I got this
idea to set up at home using 100% solar/battery power [class-1E].  I
fortunately have several solar-powered repeaters at work, so I'll just
borrow one of the panels for FD.  To make this more fun I'll operate QRP,
mostly on psk-31.  Yes, satellite operation is to be included on UO-14 and
RS-13(?), and hopefully AO-40.  It will be interesting to see if 5w uplink
on AO-40 is workable.  Of course the AO-40 transponders may be not on-line
by FD?

Another group of Alaskan's are going to operate FD-QRP canoe
mobile/portable in the Kenai Moose Refuge about 60 miles east of me.  The
group of five or so hams all belong to the "Leo Society", so expect they
will also be on the birds!  I plan to drive over for a short visit while
they are there.


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