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Re: Turnstyles or Egg Beaters?

Mike Tanner wrote:

> directional array, so my question is which are better?  Turnstyle, Egg
> Beater, or Quadrifflar?  And in that same vein, which are easiest for a "not
> so mechanically inclined" novice antenna builder to attempt?


A couple of years ago, I built a 2 meter and 70 cm quadrifilar antenna 
based on an article in the April 1997(?)  QST.  They both performed 
quite well on the LEOs down to about 20-25 degrees above the horizon.  
The design had just enough turns to supply gain over a 130 degree 
pattern.  This means that I had to plan working the satellites when they 
were making a fairly high elevation pass over my QTH.  Given today's 
excellent tracking software, this was no problem.  Both antennae are 
inconspicuous, so will work fine in restricted settings.  I would 
recommend the QST article.  I'm sorry I can't provide more details at 
this time...maybe someone else on the list can help.  I will try to 
track down the article tomorrow.

Greg Preston

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