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Hi All,

The biggest irritation that I have about the discussion about what
capabilities a bird should or should not have, and/or difficult and/or
shutting everyone but the elite out etc IS:

The discussion seems to take for granted that every beginner has a full
blown HF station, and 2m HT, .... this may be so in the USA, but this is
certainly not the case in Europe. In Europe activity is much greater on the
UHF and above bands, equipment is readily available, and there are lots of
stations that don't have HF rights.

When I decided that I wanted to get into satellites, ... I did the research
and found the bird I wanted to work (AO-13), and built a station to access
it. The same now goes for AO-40, a whole new set of equipment for L band,
... so what big deal!

If you really want to do something, then do it! Its not difficult, and its
not expensive! It also bugs me that the same crowd that complain about there
being no easy sats, are also the ones who want to keep CW as a requirement,
... to keep the riff raff out! ... you figure!

Paul, VP9MU

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