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Is anyone using Pegasus Mail?

This is not an off-topic message.

I have been using Eudora as my mail client. It can sort the amsat-bb 
message headers by author, date or subject. But in so far as I can 
determine, it cannot sort by subject thread. For that reason I have been 
using the new web archive for amsat-bb instead of receiving the messages by 
mail. This works fine and is very fast since I have an always-on cablemodem 
connection. But for dialup I don't think it would work as well.

So for myself when I am on the road, and maybe for others here, I keep 
looking for a better program. My friend OA4LS has been exhorting me to use 
the free mail client called Pegasus which is available for Mac, Windows and 
Novell Netware.



The feature that caught my eye was the ability to sort messages by thread. 
Before making the change I just thought it might be useful to ask if anyone 
on amsat-bb is using it, and how well the thread sort works.

Please don't start a long discussion about mail clients unless you 
use  Pegasus or can recommend another one that has subject thread sorting.

thanks, ron w8gus. 

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