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AO-40 - newbies


I've read several postings claiming that satellites like AO-40 "shut 
newbies out". These writers further suggest, or at least imply, that this 
is a good reason to build something else.

I'm pretty much a newbie to satellites. I been QSOing via satellites for 
about a year, and yes, I started with UO-14, SO-35, and AO-27 because I had 
gear to do that (I even tried CW on RS12, using my HF rig and my key on the 
PTT line of my 2m handheld, but it "chirped" unbelievably and 
embarrassingly badly - heard myself though, and only did it once).

While my initial interest was sparked by a move to a location where HF 
antennas are difficult to erect, my current enthusiasm stems from the 
challenge and fun of using satellites. That success with the FM sats 
inspired me to move on, to build and buy gear to make it possible to use 
the RS12 (and 13 when it was on) FO-20 and 29, AO-10 , and packet on the 
ISS (first move into packet - home built modem)

I've followed the discussion about antennas, converters, preamps, etc 
suitable for AO-40 with interest, and always looking for ideas that I can 
eventually use.

So what's my point? My point is that, in spite of being a "new" satellite, 
and in spite of a lack of suitable gear, AO-40 is for me a stimulus to go 
further and do more. AO-40 doesn't "shut newbies out", but rather entices 
them to go further.

If I wore a hat, I'd take it off to those who devote the time, money, and 
effort to build Ham satellites, that we, with little effort, and a few 
guilders, can use and enjoy. Thank you.

Sil - PA3HIL 

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