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Re: Fiberglass Pole care

My solution to the Fiberglass problem was to use a wooden
closet pole from the local lumber store.  A little heavier,
but good strength and resistance to just about anything,
except the odd termite.  You should paint it, of course,
although I haven't done anything to mine and it's still good
as new after about 9 months up there.

Stay away from PVC, unless it is well protected and internally
supported with, say, a wood broom handle or closet pole (in which
case, why bother with the PVC part?).


>At 08:30 AM 6/7/2001, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>>1. Is PVC as good as fiberglass from the perspective of mechanical 
>>and non-conductivity?
>PVC is not nearly as strong as fiberglass, and PVC is VERY sensitive to
>UV.  It gets brittle after a year in the sun.
>>2. Has anybody used a SOLID 1.5 inch diameter fiberglass boom?  I think it
>>would be very resistant to cracking.
>I found 1.25" solid.  That's what I have now.  They could have ordered 1.5"
>for me, but they had 10' long 1.25" in stock, so that's what I took.
>>3. What are the best sources for fiberglass crossbooms?  My old crossboom 
>>from KLM which is no longer in business.
>I bought mine from Ridout Plastics in San Diego.  www.ridoutplastics.com or
>try your local yellow pages for a plastics store.  Looking at their web
>pages I see that they have a UV-resistant version of fiberglass too.  Too
>bad I didn't ask about that when I bought mine.
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