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RE: AO-40 Station - How to start

Satishb said:

> I have some minimum items like
> - 2 M all mode 50W.
> - 70 CM DEM Tverter-30 watt
> - 2 M/70 yagi antenna.
> - HF Rxes/trxes
> - IC-PCR 1000
> What more I need to work on AO-40 ?
> How can I start listening first. ?

I think Yoshi answered your question already.

You've got a pretty good start!

For receive most people seem to be using a satellite TV downconverter (often
modified in varying degrees) plus maybe a preamp to convert down to a 2m IF.
But if you have $$$$ and are lazy I can highly recommend the DB6NT receive
converter. I am lazy, but I'm about to try the TV downconverter route too. A
2m IF is favorite (compared to 70cm) as you'll likely be transmitting on

I've only used small helixes (20 & 30 turn) and Yagi's (7 and 15 element),
but the more gain the better! Especially if your downconverter has a
sub-optimal noise figure. I've had a lot of success with a 30 turn helix.

As Yoshi said, what's your 70cm tranverter IF, and what sort of antennas do
you have for 70cm? Also what's your feeder loss?

AND how much money have you got to spend?!!

73 Howard G6LVB

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