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Re: What happened to all the ENTER buttons?

Margaret Leber wrote:
> John Harrington wrote:
> > But seriously, I know how it is- you have, like me, spent
> > all your money on DEM preamps and the like, and have let
> > your poor keyboards lie in disrepair, the RETURN button
> > broken, unable to break up those 400-character lines.
> That would be the infamous Point of No RETURN, right? :-)
> Well, would that same fiscal effect explain why you don't have an email
> client that won't wrap text to fit the display window? :-)
> Most of us here on the Internet use "return" most of the time to delimit
> *paragraphs*, and let the line breaks fall where they may. I will plead
> guilty to sometimes forcing line breaks.

Hi, Maggie.  Your messages always come through fine, even though you
use your ENTER button, with nicely width-limited lines.  Not the case
some others.  Perhaps your composer has got all the right switches set. 
received many messages from those with the same problem, but I also got
several who showed me how to compensate for it by flipping the 'wrap'
switch in my browser.   That worked fine.  400-character lines now get
up to fit my display window.

I presume that some composers are set to automagically insert CRs at a
line width, while others are not.  I, and many others who commented, was
having trouble only with those who do not invoke that feature.

Anyway, I'm all set up now to easily read even 1000-character lines-
it to me.

Best regards,  John  W5EME
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