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Me and my stupid Drakes...again.

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a DEM 13ULNA kit and I wanted to see how it performed
after construction.  I have access to an RF chamber and spectrum analyzer at
work so here is what I did:

I have two Drakes (as you all probably know by now).
One of them has the "simple" mods and the other has all of the mods.
(By the way, in reference to my previous thread "Different versions of Drake
2880?", I replaced that mystery capacitor with the 51 ohm resistor and
turned my Toko filter around, and everything seems to be working fine now.
I also touched up a few solder joints, what did the trick I'm not sure, but
it seems to work.)

I built a signal source and placed it in the RF chamber about 1 meter from
the receiving antenna.  I connected each Drake by itself and then with the
DEM preamp.  If you would like to see the results, they are located here:


Now remember I am a newbie here, and I don't have much experience with this
type of test equipment.  My question is, how do I interpret all of the
information I am getting from the analyzer?

Since my Drakes have been on the bench for quite some time, I haven't tried
them out on AO-40 or UO-11.  Is AO-40 still receivable with a BBQ dish at
the current squint of 30 degrees or so?  According to the spreadsheet, I
should be able to hear it, assuming I put the numbers in right.

Thanks for any help!


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