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Re: AO-40 Station - How to start

Hello This is Yoshi JF6BCC.

At 2001/06/07 08:59:41 Satish Kharel wrote:
> Dear Howard,
> I have some minimum items like
> - 2 M all mode 50W.
> - 70 CM DEM Tverter-30 watt
> - 2 M/70 yagi antenna.
> - HF Rxes/trxes
> - IC-PCR 1000
> What more I need to work on AO-40 ?
> How can I start listening first. ?

  At least, You need a downconverter from 2.4GHz to 144MHz, and a 2.4GHz
antenna that has 20dBi or more gain.
  I do not know how much gain of your 435MHz Yagi, but I tried to QRV
by 11-ele clossed RHCP YAGI with 20W diring last AO-40 test operation
and it works fine. So maybe your 435MHz Uplink system will enough.

  But, what the IF band of your 70cm transverter? Which Is it from HF
or 2m? If HF, it is OK. But from 2m, you will be in trouble of IF freq.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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