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Re: Fiberglass Pole care

At 20:20 06-06-01 -0700, Franklin Antonio wrote:
>At 07:11 PM 6/6/2001, Allen Fugelseth wrote:
>>I have a new fiberglass pole to put up for a cross boom.  What is a good
>>treatment to give it before I put it up?  It is one of those thick walled
>>ones with a 1 inch hole through it. Should I stuff a 1 inch wood rod through
>>it?  Thanks.
>I have had a fiberglass crossboom on the tower for over 15 years.  What I 
>have found is that it degrades slowly over many years due to UV.  You 
>notice this when you handle a >10 year old crossboom.  You feel the 
>fiberglass splinters.  I noticed it in a big way when I tried to tighten 
>the bolts on antenna brackets after 15 years.  The thing had no strength 
>left against the crushing force.  Therefore, when I bought a new crossboom 
>last year, I painted it.  My theory is that this will add a few years to 
>its life by delaying the UV from hitting the fiberglass.  Eventually the 
>paint will flake, of course, which is why I chose green paint.  Same color 
>as the raw fiberglass.

i painted mine bright orange. that way i can see how it fades with time so 
i'll know when it'll need another coat. engine block spray paint is what i 

73 de rick

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