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Re: cost comparisons

At 22:13 01-06-2001, you wrote:
>It was a constant battle to get people to understand that the Icom 471,
>Yaesu 726R, et al, were basically DEAF on 70cm. It is difficult, at times,
>to explain to someone that their 1000 dollar radio is deaf

They should be, too, to get god handling of large signals for terrestial 
work, at least on 2M and 70cm....
Low NF there would be wasted unless it was possible to mount the antenna 
directly at the radio, or, for campers and ironworkers, the opposite :-)

>The same phenomenon is repeating itself on Mode S. Except this time, a lot
>of those who are disappointed have been VERY LUCKY. They didn't spend a
>grand...they spent 30 bucks! The 150 dollar preamp solution looks like a
>small cost, given dedicated KiloBuck radios had to have the very same
>preamps (and antenna mounted in most cases), that the cheap converters need
>The more I reflect on what was going on with mode J, the more similar it is
>to what we have learned so far for AO-40: RECEIVER, RECEIVER, RECEIVER.

Yeah, it took some time for us to get the point, put i think we've got it 

>Future birds need to worry about propulsion...the band planning can be every
>bit as "complicated" as AO-40 is. The problems with AO-40 are not the design
>of the transponders....it's the propulsion. We're not very good at "rockets"

Is it true that in this case it was not a case of leaving something out, 
but IN?

Is there an official Amsat statement here, or is the story about the thing 
left on the 400N engine by mistake just a rumour??


At several $M i would say <SIGH>

>Assuming we get nothing more than U/L uplink and S downlink, and the
>antennas get oriented towards us, I'll be pleased as punch, and very
>grateful for everyone's efforts.

Yes, AO-40 is still an improvement, even if not as big as anticipated.
I still remember receiving the 2M beacon with rather high S/N on an indoor 

73 de OZ1LRG

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