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Re: What happened to all the ENTER buttons?

John Harrington wrote:

> But seriously, I know how it is- you have, like me, spent
> all your money on DEM preamps and the like, and have let
> your poor keyboards lie in disrepair, the RETURN button
> broken, unable to break up those 400-character lines.

That would be the infamous Point of No RETURN, right? :-)

Well, would that same fiscal effect explain why you don't have an email
client that won't wrap text to fit the display window? :-) 

Most of us here on the Internet use "return" most of the time to delimit
*paragraphs*, and let the line breaks fall where they may. I will plead
guilty to sometimes forcing line breaks.

>From:     John Harrington <johnh@ih2000.net>
>X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.0 (Win95; U)

Hmm. Ya think maybe this is the culprit? Would that be Netscape Gold?

That *may* have been before Netscrape had such an option in the mail
client. Even if you're all tapped-out from buyng a supercooled
ultra-low-noise preamp, you can afford to upgrade your Netscape. Unless
you're running Win 3.1, of course. :-)

"The Law of Software Envelopment: Every program expands until it can
read mail." (oft-quoted by Jamie Zawinski, one of the developers for NS
mail 3.0) 

73 de Maggie K3XS

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