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Re: R: Re: Arcjet Motor

> On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Diggs, Steve wrote:
> > I found your comment about human error quite interesting...
> > Would you elaborate on the AO-40 aspect of the human error part?
> > Please be as specific as possible.
> No, please don't.  I don't want to know.  I see no reason to try to hang
> probably a volunteer that gave up 10  years of his life, probably a
> marriage or two, to get AO-40 into space.
> Heck here at school, we are simply trying to put two TNC's into a simple
> satellite, and we are using GOOD people, and yet, as of tonight, we have
> made the following mistakes during the 6 month final build crisis, working
> 12 hour days for months....
> Blown up 4 KPC-9612 TNC's and still counting....
> Burned out the finals in two transmitters
> Melted a set of batteries,
> Dropped a solar panel...
> Wiped out a telemetry board due to sloppy ESD procedures....
> Humans make mistakes.  But hanging volunteers quickly results in a
> diminished labor pool... ;-)
> Bob

Yes, lets not hang anybody.  In real life people make mistakes.  Lets all
learn from them.  And, I hope the lesson is not that volunteers get hung if
they goof.  We won't have any volunteers if that gets out!

But lets ALL learn from mistakes.  That means we have to publish the facts.
AO-40 should be an OPEN SYSTEM.

Lots of thanks to all the volunteers!

73's de Rich @ WC8J

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