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What happened to all the ENTER buttons?

Is it just my imagination, or have a bunch of you fine
AMSAT-BB members suddenly lost the use of your ENTER or
CARRAGE RETURN keys on your keyboards?   I just read a
message with multiple lines averaging 400 characters per
line!   This makes it necessary for me (and others, I'm sure)
to scroll both down and sideways multiple times to read it.

The message was interesting, so I resisted the strong urge
to simply delete it.  I usually delete such messages without
reading them, as they sometimes take more effort to read than
they are worth.

Hey, maybe it's me.  I can't find a switch in my browser,
Netscape, to automatically wrap long lines.  I'm not sure
there's NOT one, but I haven't located it.

But seriously, I know how it is- you have, like me, spent
all your money on DEM preamps and the like, and have let
your poor keyboards lie in disrepair, the RETURN button
broken, unable to break up those 400-character lines.

It's OK- I forgive you- but I'll probably still delete most
of those 400-character-per-line messages without reading them.

Best regards,  John  W5EME
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