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AMSAT direction

If I had to write a purpose for AMSAT, those words would be right on. I am
not a brain surgeon or have my PHD in physics, and I will tell you that the
work of AMSAT is right on. Teach me more, challenge my mind and skills, and
help me grow in the area of space communications and non traditional HF
frequencies. I can not believe the help and guidance I have received from
people with real good heads who are willing to take the time to say the same
old thing for the 50th time for a newcomer ( new old timer ) .
Finally, the number of talented people, many with day jobs, who put in
unbelievable amounts of time in the planning, construction, launching and
ground teaming projects that get the likes of AO-40 up and working is
awsome. Thanks!!
Gunther Meisse

"The scientific purposes for which said corporation is organized shall
be the carrying on of scientific research in the public interest by the
means of:

A. Providing satellites that can be used for amateur radio communication
and to conduct experiments by *suitably equipped* amateur radio stations
throughout the world on a non-discriminatory basis.

B. Encouraging *development of skills* and the *advancement of
specialized knowledge in the art and practice of amateur radio
communications and space science*.

C. Fostering international goodwill and cooperation through joint
experimentation and study, and through the wide participation in these
activities on a noncommercial basis by radio amateurs of the world.

D. Facilitating communications by amateur satellites in times of

E. Encouraging the *more effective and expanded use of the higher
frequency* amateur bands.

F. Disseminating scientific and technical information derived from such
communications and experimentation, and encouraging publication of such
information in treatises, theses, trade publications, technical journals
or other public means.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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