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Re: R: Re: Arcjet Motor

Dear All,

i8cvs wrote:

> All tree satellites OSCAR-10,13 and AO40 had problems with the 400 N liquid
> propellant motor and no one of it was able to reach the final orbit
> inclination.

This is not correct..

AO-13 performed perfectly and as planned!!

The only problem was, that it de-orbited too soon because nobody
at that time knew about the long-term effects of orbit stability!!
Otherwise we would not have consumed all the fuel in the final

And to be even more specific: 

*None* of the failures were due to a bad design or a failure of the 
400N propulsion system or the engine itself.

Both failures on AO-10 and AO-40 were clearly due to human errors.

73s Peter DB2OS

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