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Re: AO-40 Field Day

sco@sco-inc.com wrote:

> Does anyone know if AO-40 will be available on June 23rd for the
> eastern USA during our annual Field Day?  If so, any idea on best
> times?

You then responded to a reply that was aparently not posted to the
whole list (or it just hasn't arrived in my inbox yet, as previously
discussed on a different thread that I'd rather forget):
> At 08:37 AM 6/6/2001 , you wrote:
> >I posted a question a couple of weeks ago, if it would be available
> >at all.
> >
> >The most recent issue of QST, says something to the effect that
> >AO-40 will NOT be used for "contests".
> well Field Day is NOT a contest. Its purpose is to test emergency
> capabilities.

My replies:

1) In one of his posts a month or more ago, Peter Guelzow expressed
   the hope that AO-40's transponder would be operational on Field
   Day.  That leads me to believe that the command team does not
   intend to prohibit its use for Field Day operations.  (I know,
   I'm making an assumption, and we know that when we ASSUME there
   is the possibility of making an ASS of U and ME, but I'll take
   the chance this time.)

2) Field Day is rapidly approaching, and the command team is real
   busy with re-orienting the spacecraft, preparing for the first
   firing of the arcjet, preparing for the first use of the momentum
   wheels, etc.  I think that the only way to know if the bird will
   be ready in time is to wait a few weeks and see!

3) As far as what times would be good, I can't quite figure out why
   you ask that.  The times that would be good are (obviously) the
   times when the bird is above your local horizon with a small
   squint angle.  Since orbital maneuvering is planned between now
   and then, there's not much point in running a satellite pass
   prediction now.  You will need fresh keps after the arcjet burn
   and any other attitude adjustments on the bird are made.

Personnally, I plan to bring 2.4 GHz to Field Day if we know the
bird is available (or even if we just AREN'T sure it WON'T be
available).  But you can bet I will be prepared to work FO-20 and
FO-29 also!  And  M A Y B E  be prepared to work AO-27 or UO-14
just to amaze some folks who have never seen a satellite contact
made with a handheld before.  But only if someone wants to see it
happen and the bird isn't too crowded, which seems unlikely.

72 de KB0ZEV
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