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RV: Arc Jet tests?

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From: Claus Waldraff <DF8GH@t-online.de>
> Eric Van Offelen wrote:
> > I received yesterday a 1 m. offset dish, which is like new. Building now
a 4
> > 1/4 turn helix and modifying the dish mount. Hope to compare the 2
> > very soon, with sun and AO-40 beacon.
> Hmm how do you plan to steartthat thing. I do have a 85cm offset and
> build a 5 turn helix at the moment, but it will be dificult to follow
> the sat at low elevation angels...
> 73 de Claus

The original dish mount can be adjusted from 10º to a little more than 50º
of elevation. Using a file, I modified it so that it now goes down to abt
3º. Cannot go lower because the arm which supports the feed touches the
mast, but this value is OK.

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