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RE: Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V b and

> But in a couple of years that'll change, the next WARC will
> ditch the mandatory code requirment for HF. Which will open
> up the HF bands to all the existing VHF/UHF only class licences.

I suspect this will happen.. :)

> Most of the worlds hams hold VHF/UHF only class licences,
> (Ok I'm excluding Japan where they've had a code free HF licence
> for 35 years). Following the next WARC there will be a surge
> in purchasing of HF Transceivers, a 29MHz downlink would enable
> these people to discover satellite communications.

Well, a lot of VHF and up hams here have HF transceivers, so this issue will
be academic for many, unless we talk about a 10m _uplink_.

> The development of sats that have Mode A transponders does not
> mean we don't build sats for the microwave bands. We'll loose
> all our microwave allocations unless we can get more activity
> up there.
> What we need to do is develop an effective feeder system to
> get newcomers into sat operation, once they are hooked we'll
> see them move up to using sats on the higher freq bands and
> AMSAT will benefit from the support and dollars that new members
> will bring.

Agreed.  The new bands are where it's at, but people need to have an
accessible starting point into the hobby.  In time, new technologies will
make the microwave bands more accessible for beginners, but that's a while
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