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RE: was Arcjet, was solid boosters, now airplanes

At 06:47 AM 6/5/2001 , you wrote:
>Hi OM,
>I cannot let you keep miss-informing the list about B-767, B777, B737 type

Like the 737 with the rudder control problems...?

>If you were in a B767 etc between LAX and HNL and one engine failed, I doubt
>very much you as a passenger would even notice. The aircraft will descend,
>but in a fully controlled manner until it reaches it's single engine
>altitude (about 8000 feet for your fully laden example).
>Our aircraft (Air New Zealand), fly regularly from Tahiti to LAX, Tahiti
>HNL, AKL Tokyo etc, and we use the 180 minute rule, i.e. we must remain
>within 180 minutes of a suitable airfield.
>So please don't keep spreading urban myths that you will fall out of the sky
>if an engine fails.
>73 de Ian ZL1AOX
>retired B747-400, 200, B767 etc Captain.

what about the case of the twin engine jet that lost one engine, there was 
so much smoke in the cockpit that the crew shut down the good engine and 
the plane crashed on approach?

what about the 747 enroute to Alaska that flew thru the volcanic ash and 
lost all four engines ..luckily they were able to restart them but there 
was 80 million dollars of damage to the plane?

around Tahiti there are many islands to land on or crash near. But there 
are no islands between California and Hawaii ... just 2400 miles of water. 
If a two engine plane looses one engine it can stay up ... but you then 
have no safety backup and the nearest land maybe 1200 miles in any direction.

How long does it take a 737, 767, or 777 to cover 1200 miles on one engine 
(fully loaded) ... possibly with control damage? If the plane lost an 
engine because of fire or lightning I think the passengers will notice.

I am just saying that I feel safer on a 3 or 4 engine airplane like a 
L-1011 or B747 when over water for an extended length of time.

The airlines want to use 2 engine planes to save them money.

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