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Re: censorship

 laura halliday <marsgal42@hotmail.com> wrote:

>As always, if people want to see technical discussions on
>amsat-bb (or any other mailing list), they should consider
>posting something technical. These threads come and go.
>Deal with it.

Agreed Laura.
Just my 2p.

I take many mailing lists and all contain a full range of threads /
themes many of which are of interest to me. These I mark as interesting
and come to the top of the list in my reader when any new mail is added
to them. Some are of no interest to me for a variety of reasons. These I
mark as uninteresting and always end up at the bottom on my reader

I know not how Microsoft mail readers work but on mine I am able to set
up mail lists as pseudo newsgroups and everything is presented properly
threaded and 'filtered' according to my wishes as mentioned above.

It's the way of the world. We all have different interests and
viewpoints and each of us has to find our own way of dealing with

Maybe I'm a wannabe ostrich but I deal with the stuff I don't like by
burying it at the bottom of the list. I would rather do my own
'censorship' than rely on someone else's ideas of what I should see.
There is no way I would leave a list just because I don't like a small
percentage of its content for whatever reason. The rest is too good to
miss. I used to think differently, maybe I've just mellowed with age. ;)

John M1BTR  (still looking to work Alaska one day on FO-20 or 29)
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