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Re: Fwd: censorship

>From my stand point I'm dammed either way. If I respond to the slam (even
nice) I am them myself off subject but if I don't respond then others will
see that I am saying I am wrong for what I did...

I did nothing wrong and to be censored is wrong in this manor...

        Guy kd6mtu

"Edward R. Cole" wrote:

> >From: guy lemke <guy@com-pair.net>
> >Thank you to the new members and I am sorry to say that it seems that
> >amsat-bb is now censoring replies to attacks.
> >
> >I responded to mark fossum's attack in a very civil way and have yet to
> >see this posted to the BBS !! Granted I may have missed its posting but
> >I don't believe this to be the case.
> >
> >I have had other complaints to this same form of censorship in the last
> >24 hours too... I am really sorry to see this happening as it is very
> >unnecessary...
> >
> >While we are on the subject of censorship as I know that this will
> >come-up. Yes I will control the messages on the sats board but with only
> Guy,
> Not to beleaguer this topic, but I am amiss to understand the problem?
> Most lists have a moderator and try to keep the conversations cordial and
> on-topic.  Is this censorship (???)
> So on with the "tech-talk"!
> Ed

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