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Re: portables for liniar sats

>From: "Schaik, A. van" <avanschaik@hsl1.nl>
>catching up on the reading I notice that poeple seem to forget that we
>already have (for some time) portable ssb trancivers.
>namely the ft290R(II) and ft790R(II) combo from yeasu, I'm not sure if yeasu
>stil makes them but they should be wel afaileble on the seccondhand market
>seeing that they where realy populair in europe at least (perfect field
>radios). the later models have a click on amp to be used in place of the
>batary pack giving them 10 or 20 watt (I'm not sure) bare they stil give
>some 3 watt.
>I dont know if anyone has tried these on fo-20 with an arrow but it just
>might work.
>so forget about waiting for a duplex ssb portable, it is here already and so
>are the satalites to use them on (granted you have to carry 2 units around)
>73 de Andre PE1RDW
>aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
>member aprs workgroup Netherlands


Indeed!  I was looking at the FT-290 for portable microwave IF use late
last fall when the FT-817 came onto the market.  Since it had so much more
capability (though not duplex), I decided on the new rig.

The 290/790 rigs have long been popular for sat/weak-signal/microwave...
They are definitely still available used.


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