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RE: 2-engine airliners


Right you are.  Two engine airliners operating under ETOPS*, Extended Twin
Operations, (AKA EROPS, Extended Range Operations) work under the 180 or 207
minute rule, meaning they must at all times be within that many minutes of a
"suitable" diversion airport.  The requirements for a "suitable" airport are
fairly basic.

It is counter intuitive, but the over water time for normal Pacific routes
to Asia is significantly less, perhaps half, that of the normal Atlantic
routes to Europe.  Over the pole routes are a whole different ballgame,
though the same problem exist for diversion airports in Russia.  Lots of
long runways, but many have about the same level of facilities you would
find at a small county airport.  One of the biggest problems on transpolar
routes is the extremely cold temperatures aloft which can cause the fuel
temperature to approach the point at which it jells!

American Airline

*Actually, ETOPS stands for Engines Turn or Passengers Swim!

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