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Ao-40 Freq. Calibration Tip

I run QuikTrak 5.02 to run my KCT and G-5400B.

QT 5.02 gives the exact doppler frequency without having to do any math,
e.g.;  2401.3215.

I find AO-40 on my FT-726R at the frequency I like to watch AO40-Rcv at,
read the frequency on the dial of the radio, then "fudge", "tweak", "fool"
the QT 5.02 by adjusting the center frequency of the satellite in the data
field for AO-40, until QT 5.02  matches exactly the frequency on the radio.
Yes, I know this is NOT the correct frequency (probably), but who cares?
When I look for AO-40, I just set my radio where QT 5.02 says it will be,
and it is there.


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