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2-engine airliners

I know this is off topic but I could not resist.
ron w8gus.

Rick Hamby wrote:

 >Not quite true. The jet only has to make it to the nearest
 >land, preferably to a suitable airport. Thus 2-engine aircraft
 >tend to fly the North Atlantic, not trans-Pacific. In fact
 >most of the USA's 747s have been reallocated to the Pacific
 >while the 757s, 767s, and 777s fly the Atlantic routes.
 >Russian overflights count as "water" - the planes should not
 >count on being able to land there, either. Rick W2GPS

My wife just flew 16 hours non-stop Newark, NJ to Hong Kong and return on 
Boeing 777. Over the pole and Siberia, a long way from any airport I think.

ron w8gus. 

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