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RE: was Arcjet, now solid boosters

> I'm fine with a phase-jj concept bird to get one launched 
> quickly.  But a
> high inclination Molyinya (sp?) orbit is pretty nice 
> [AO-10/13].  You can
> only get one with a "big" rocket ;-)

I beg to differ, high inclination Molniya orbits don't do much for me.


Because we all know where apogee will be, right over the Northern Hemisphere
(AKA wrong side of the world).  Some inclination is a good thing, but too
much limits access for us in the extreme south.  And the constant argument
of perigee that some people rave about only makes the problem more or less
permanent.  AO-10 slowly gives everyone a bite at the cherry, so to speak.

Even at 4000 km, there is not a lot of interesting stuff that can be worked
from southern VK, unless a few SE Asian stations get serious about satellite
operation.  At apogee (using AO-40's planned orbit as a reference), max
elevation on higher (good for DX) passes is only around 20 degrees, and at
my QTH, that precludes operation, unless I setup my own transponder out on
the street to link back to the shack! (I have a "horizon" that varies
between 10 deg in the NNW to 35 degrees in the NE, when seen from the back
yard - AO-40 can climb as high as 48 degrees in its current orbit).

Just another opinion from the other side of the world. :)
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