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Re: mailing list


I think that their is room for more then one list and I have to say that this
is not a AMSAT list but is a list for hams who want technical help or teach,
share.   But in a more controlled venue....

        Thank you for replying...

            Guy kd6mtu

Jim Walls wrote:

> guy lemke wrote:
> > Would others on this list like to see a mailing list that deals with
> > just the technical and how to of working the birds without all the Bias
> > and BS thats being propagated here....
> >
> > I really get tired of it... I want to have fun and enjoy my hobby and
> > learn more..
> >
> > If you are, drop me a email at guy@hamsats.org and I will put one
> > together on my server...And no I'm not trying to replace amsat-bb all
> > things have their place and I have gathered a tremendous amount of data
> > and help here, but just maybe its time for something new ???
> Yes, the level of BS gets old at times.
> I have one suggestion.  If there is a desire to have a technical AMSAT
> list, let's get AMSAT to run it, rather than having "AMSAT" lists scattered
> all over the internet.
> 73
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