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I have the list up and running...Their are a few things I have left to
learn about it and how to control it but that will take only a very
short time to do...

I have to figure out how to do the automated joining and leaving of
accounts so in the mean time I will have to manually enter the accounts

Thank you for the response I have received about a new email list. I
hope we can keep this one clean and of a technical and fun learning list

It is not my goal to compete with the Amsat-BB but to supplement it. I
will not allow personal insults or emails of that nature. A good
discussions and differences of opinions are highly welcome..

If you wish to sign up please email me (guy@hamsats.org) I will include
you in the mailing list as fast I can..

For those of you who are all ready on the list, for you to send mail
please send it to sats@hamsats.org....

                Thank You

                Guy Lemke

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