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Telemetry Receiver

I have a Microdyne 1100AR telemetry receiver.  I would like to get some 
data on it as Microdyne says nothing exists there for this receiver.  I 
have the 2200-2300 MHz plugin.  The receiver is late 1970's technology.  By 
examinination I have determined the following:
1. The receiver has a single stage preamp in it.
2. This feeds a four section helical preselector that is varactor tuned.
3. This feeds a balanced mixer.
4. The other input to the balanced mixer is the LO that is 50 MHz removed 
from the RF signal.
5. The LO feeds the mixer through a 5 section tubular filter.
6. The IF freq is probably 50 MHz.
7. The LO is selectable as VFO or XTAL controlled.
8. The frequency is displayed in a window on the front via a AMTEX Researcf 
frequency display (counter?).
9. There is a distribution amp. Probably 50 MHz to feed the spectrum 
display and other things.
All the RF stages are well shielded.

Anyone have any idea as to the stability, sensitivity and NF of this tuner?

I will soon have the synthesized version of this tuner.

I can find on the web where the Air Force still uses this unit in at least 
one class and there is at least one tracking station that still uses this 

With a little modification, this might be able to be used for AO-40 telemetry.

Any comments?


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