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Re: was Arcjet, now solid boosters

At 07:39 PM 6/4/2001 , you wrote:
>Especially maintenance.  The airlines have long known that the per-unit
>cost of jet engine maintenance is the same whether the engine is 20000,
>50000, or 90000 pounds thrust.  Labor cost is the driving factor here,
>not parts cost. This is the overriding reason why the Boeing 777 has
>only two engines (or so a GE employee told me a few years ago).

Over the USA if you lose one of those engines you can make an emergency 
landing ... hopefully.
But over water to Hawaii and you will go swimming, there is no backup or 
place to land. You can only ditch at sea. If it at night (like coming back 
from Hawaii usually is) then you go into the water in the dark, not a very 
pleasant thing to consider.


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