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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

karn@qualcomm.com said:

> Now I really don't mind having old farts around. Really, I don't; they
> can be most entertaining. My problem comes only when they feel
> compelled to hold the rest of us back. This can take many forms:
> insisting that newcomers demonstrate proficiency with obsolete
> technologies, regardless of their interests; complaining vociferously
> about "elitism" whenever a new mode is proposed; playing "armchair
> lawyer" to argue that any new mode (or even a remotely interesting new
> application of an old one) that actually makes it onto the air must
> *somehow* violate an FCC rule somewhere; arguing against rule
> relaxations that would encourage experimentation, and so on.


> Go help eliminate the Morse requirement once and for all, and then I
> might consider changing my view.

Phil,  I think it's only fair.  After all, these same people have
come along and are making blatent use of the Internet without
having written their own TCP/IP stack.  Hell, they're whiny APPLIANCE
OPERATORS that can't even use a C compiler, just click on Internet
Exploder and who knows what happens.  Back in the day..  I mean, it's not
like you've got to use a spark-gap, er, I mean assembly code any more.  If
I could write an IP stack 20 years ago for a 36 bit computer that cost
millions of dollars, what's the excuse these days, with computers that
have 3 or 4 orders of magnitude more power for essentially free?!

Why, I had my code on punch cards, and the ribbon on they keypunch
didn't even work all that good, either.  And we had real printers, too,
with all 132 columns and holes to feed the paper and everything!

(yeah, the arguments I'm poking fun at sound just this stupid to me)


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