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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band , or this thread is dead ....

Steve Jepsen wrote:
> This kind of stereotyping isn't worthy of AMSAT-BB (or Amateur Radio for
> that matter).
> First of all, it isn't true. Secondly, it's the very thing that drives new
> hams
> away from the hobby. New people take statements like this at face value
> and make decisions based on that information.

sorry Steve , you stepped into this one .

The same can be said for those trumpeting the fact that only "easy-sats"
will be interesting to "new comers" , and that they would never want to
mess with anything above 30MHz , because its "to difficult to deal with
" .....

As long as we perpetuate all these myths , we will definately not get
anyone interested ....

The bottom line is do we want to keep rebuilding the wheel or make new
interesting discoveries along the way ?

Sheesh , I thought this old thread was long dead and gone years ago :^p

I for one will vote my donations for another ao-40 without volatile
propulsion , if we want a "quick and dirty" sat to go up that sounds
like the one .....

But otherwise I opt for tiny sats with microwaves as it will spur folks
like DEM /SSB/kuhne et-al to whip up stuff for the appliance operators (
yup thats me ) ......

on we go ...............

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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