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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

>This kind of stereotyping isn't worthy of AMSAT-BB (or Amateur Radio for
>that matter).

It's not stereotyping if it's true. Note I said ham radio is
*dominated* by old farts, not *entirely composed* of them. Even if it
has often seemed like it in my 30 years as a ham (and I'm still much
younger than the average!)

Now I really don't mind having old farts around. Really, I don't; they
can be most entertaining. My problem comes only when they feel
compelled to hold the rest of us back. This can take many forms:
insisting that newcomers demonstrate proficiency with obsolete
technologies, regardless of their interests; complaining vociferously
about "elitism" whenever a new mode is proposed; playing "armchair
lawyer" to argue that any new mode (or even a remotely interesting new
application of an old one) that actually makes it onto the air must
*somehow* violate an FCC rule somewhere; arguing against rule
relaxations that would encourage experimentation, and so on.

H.L. Mencken once defined Puritanism as the haunting fear that
somebody, somewhere might be having a good time. So I define "ham
radio old-fartism" as the haunting fear that somebody, somewhere might
actually be doing something new, innovative, useful and even FUN in
ham radio.

Go help eliminate the Morse requirement once and for all, and then I
might consider changing my view.

Phil (now stepping back to watch the fun...)

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