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> We will have what Irridium and Teledesic, and Globalstar all promised but
> never delivered.

I can't speak for Iridium or Teledesic, but you can buy a working Globalstar phone
right now.

>Isn't it interesting!  I noticed, being from the telephone industry, that
>those LEO proposalls did not seem to notice that 70% of the world is covered
>in water and even I could see there were not many whales and sea lions that

Actually, Globalstar did notice this fact. The satellites are designed
to use the quiet time over water to recharge batteries for use when
loads are greater. Of course, right now they all have strongly
positive power budgets anyway...

>Well this is doable IF AMSAT had satellites that were consistent and
>reliable the manufacturers would rise to the opportunity.   What we need is
>to keep the complexity on the ground (such as digital modulation schema etc)
>and make the satellite as simple as possible.

Exactly. Not only would this make the satellites more reliable, but it
would decrease the total system (ground segment + space segment)
costs. I have never understood how so many members of an organization
that prides itself on clever, ingenious and cost-effective engineering
can miss the most basic principles of system engineering.


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