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Re: Arcjet Motor

At 03:30 AM 6/4/2001 , you wrote:
> >
> > The arcjet motor uses simple fuel, that we can test ... here on earth.
> > Perhaps the next satellite will be smaller than AO-40 and use the arcject
> > (if it works well on AO-40) as its only propulsion system?
> >
>That all depends on the orbital parameters we want versus what we'll get
>from the launch.  If we want a high inclination orbit, but get a launch
>into a GTO, the arcjet just isn't going to have the guts to move the bird
>in a reasonable amount of time...but if we end up with a favorable launch
>orbit and just need to tweak it, the arcjet will work just fine.

I would rather take more time in moving the satellite (if the arcjet would 
work) instead of again risking the fact that we might blow up part of the 
satellite using the same engine/fuel combination now on AO-40. I would 
rather be "Safe" than "Sorry" ... even if it took longer to get to the 
intended orbit.


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