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Re: Discussion Level,

Hello Jon...

>Robert disagrees with just about everything being done in space programs
>today and is generally a nay-sayer about a LOT of stuff.  Others on the bb
>have confirmed this to me numerous times.

thats a little severe.  I find 30 plus billion dollar programs and climbing 
for three people in cans that arnt working A WASTE and poorly run 
engineering projects but then I have always been oppossed to waste.  I 
dispise waste wheather its in the DOD or HHS.  I guess that you think waste 
is ok...

>He has said this same thing multiple times before and every time it is
>pointed out to him by people (and not necessarily me) that his thesis about
>AO-40 is incorrect.

Granted opinions are like anatomical parts we all have them but gee isnt 
that the stuff of great debates on teh issues of our times?  How do you know 
that my thesis is wrong?  Is it only because you think it is...?

>Now when I hear something for the umpteenth time, I call it drivel.  The
>same whinning he has always done.
>You just defend it because it agrees with your point of view.

And they arnt my opinions alone...

>Certainly, I don't think anything I said was worth your post below trying 
>embarrass me in front of the Amsat community.  I did not call Robert any
>names nor did I insult him other than saying that I was tired of hearing 
>same old arguments.
<< then dont respond.

>It may be unknown to you, but Robert and I have gone round and round 
>We have had disagreements and at times we do agree.  Is he a piece of sh*t
>person because of this?  No, not at all.  But he and I don't see eye to 
>He probably things some of what I say is drivel.  Fine and I don't mind him
>saying it.

This is the one that really fracks me.  No I dont think that what you say is 
drivel.  You see I like to hear lots of opinions including the ones that 
dont agree with mine.  EsPECIALLY the ones that dont agree with mine.  I 
would never say that someones opinions are drivel.  I respect the give and 
take of debate to much and am more then happy to hold my own in them.

I am a fighter pilot by profession. I dont get personal...you lose that way.

Lets agree/disagree and have fun at it.

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