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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

At 09:38 PM 6/3/2001 , you wrote:
>on 6/2/01 4:55 PM, sco@sco-inc.com at sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
> > Top level more expert hams could play with L & S bands. Beginners could
> > play with A and V bands.
> > What is wrong with this idea? A satellite for ALL hams. Those with
> > experience and those just starting out. AO-40 was planned to have a 10m
> > downlink. Now I bet most of us wish it had been included.
>The idea isn't bad.  If they put in an IF matrix like AO-40 has, you could
>have a V/A passband and an U/S or L/S passband operating simultaneously.
>Would be interesting.

If the IF matrix works on AO-40 why would we not put it into the next 
satellite? We should use what we know works (for something as critical as 
that). Those things that don't work on AO-40 (like X band) we can try again 
on the nest satellite. But not the main propulsion system that is on AO-40.

>The other good point that no one has really mentioned is that the higher
>gain associated with the microwave antennas will make working the bird very
>difficult at perigee.  This will be especially true on AO-40 where there are
>no omnis working.  The actual antenna footprint will be much smaller than
>the "visual" footprint of the satellite due to the higher antenna gain.  It
>will make perigee work interesting.  Lower gain on the V and U bands would
>be more useful at lower altitudes.  I am not sure if the new bird will have
>antenna switching capabilities between gain and omni antennas, but if it
>doesn't, lower bands should be considered.
> >
> > I personally will not provide any financial support for Project JJ if it
> > does not have a 10m downlink as one of its capabilities.
>This I would say is very selfish and short-sighted.  I don't know if any of
>us are going to get all we want.  But we can certainly compromise and make
>it a successful team effort.  But it is your money in the end.

I was a SWL and listened to hams for years before I got my license. SWLs 
have 10m capabilty but perhaps not UHF SSB (although the new scanning 
receivers do go much higher now).

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