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Arcjet Motor

At 06:14 PM 6/3/2001 , you wrote:
>Liking to work with empirical evidence,  I point
>out the following.   The early loss of mission in all
>Phase III birds has been completely attributable
>to our inability to build reusable propulsion
>systems that deliver large thrust.  We might
>be able to do great things with plasma or ion
>motors but we are just beginning to test them.
>We need to be able to test these propulsion
>systems in full up tests and we will never be
>allowed to run these two nasty liquids together
>in any kind of facility that I can think of that we
>would have access to.
>I think our track record on producing complex
>electronic systems on the other hand is
>pretty remarkable.

The arcjet motor uses simple fuel, that we can test ... here on earth.
Perhaps the next satellite will be smaller than AO-40 and use the arcject 
(if it works well on AO-40) as its only propulsion system?


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