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Re: [sarex] A good use of bandwidth

Good evening Alex....

To Miles credit...he doesn't operate like this...I live in a town very close 
to his location and I can attest his operating habits are well within 
considerate range...I believe that the thought that he is responding to 
earlier comments may be correct...

Perhaps we are luckier on the East coast...the BEACON/CONTROL stations seem 
to be very considerate of others here...no packets any tighter then 1 minute 
unless someone was actually conversing via keyboard....

One of the keys may be found in the wattage that Miles suggests as a basic 
need to operate ISS (50 W)...compensating for it being "deaf" for one reason 
or another...this may  mean that the control/beacon stations are capturing 
the Station with more power the most of us are running....

My thought right now is....If I want to converse at this time...rather then 
just take a chance to see my packet...I need some additional 
oomph....everything else I do is just contributing to the noise floor....

I consider WA6LIE out of line..CONTROL/BEACON stations should be held to a 
higher standard...that is their choice..

BST 73


In a message dated 06/03/2001 6:57:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kr1st@AMSAT.Org writes:

<< - A total number of 22 packets of that station in 4 minutes and 47
 seconds of the log. 
 - 12 packets indicating the position
 - 2 email packets
 - 1 bulletin
 - 7 ISS objects
 None of these packets was directed to any other station on the ISS. Are
 these highly redundant posit packets really necessary? Isn't it good
 enough to just get one in, perhaps two and then stop transmitting these? >>
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