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Re: FODTrack / G-5400 help?

I'm awaiting rotor cable for my new G-5500, so I've not tried to debug the 
FODtrack I've built so far-- but I do remember reading that if the board was 
not built on the printed PC board that XQ2FOD provided, and the Fod was 
built from an older schematic (the one from 2.6 is okay) that two inputs to 
one of the comparators were backwards, and did exactly what you said-- 
oscillated around a position.  Readm the "HISTORY.TXT" file for these 

Otherwise, check your wiring (if not using a PC board), check for solder 
bridges, and make sure that the components are in the correct places.

I'll know what happens with my own FODtracker boards (I built 2-- one 
spare-- they are cheap) probably in the next 2 weekends or so.

Good Luck

Fred W0FMS

>From: "Den Spiess" <dspiess@t-3.cc>
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] FODTrack / G-5400 help?
>Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 05:44:01 -0400
>I just made the FODTracker board to control a G-5400. Currently just using
>the FODTrack 2.6 software to 'test' the circuit.
>The azimuth rotor moves to the correct position the oscillates back and
>forth about 5 degrees. The elevation side works OK.
>The board looks like everything is in place. Switching the rotors gives the
>same response using the elevation rotor on the azimuth side.
>Anyone have any ideas or has seen this?
>Den W2DEN
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