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Re: FM on FO-20?

John Charles wrote:

> A few times recently I've heard (on passes received here in the UK) what
> may be FM being used on FO-20. Certainly there is a carrier with the
> signal and it appears to be voice modulated but I can't resolve it
> clearly as FM or AM. Whatever or whoever it is certainly uses up a lot
> of bandwidth on the bird.
> Anyone else noticed this and throw any light on what is going on?

    Here in the USA I often hear FM activity on FO-20 & FO-29.  Most of the
time it's terrestrial simplex stations.  On several occassions I have been
able to copy a callsign and contact them.  Most hams that I have so
contacted are completely unaware that they could be either getting into a
satellite or interfere with the downlink until I politely told them, and
indicated that they would avoid the 145.80 - 146.00 range in the future.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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