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Fwd: my $.002 worth

>From: "Greg Wycoff" <GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com>
>Why would anyone want anything less than a AO-40 class type of amateur
>5. nothing compairs being able to work the world.
>Have worked the following satellites sence 1993.

Good points Greg.  Looking at the above, how many are Leos, how many are
digital, and how many are phase-3?

We have one tired out old AO-10, and a brand new AO-40 for the phase-3
crowd.  I think the tables are tilted toward EZ-sats and digi-sats.
Another phase-3, even if "lite", would be appreciated {by some of us}.

But if someone wants to try a mode-A or reverse-A, go ahead and build it.
I just don't think it needs to be on a phase-3 platform.  My operation will
be 90% AO-40 and 10% AO-10, Leo, mode-A, mode-J, digi-sat.

And that is my two cents.

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