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Hello Vince!

02 Jun 01 10:39, you wrote to laura halliday:

 VR> I think that the real problem is that some of the "You promised us an
 VR> EZ-SAT" whiners are just not willing to roll up their sleeves,
 VR> scrounge up some parts, get out the soldering iron, and just plain
 VR> DEVOTE some TIME and  ENERGY to achieving the goal.

You might be right.  I still have some way to go before I'm up and running on
L/S, but it'll be good when I can sit back and work the world on the fruits of
my labour (and AMSAT's!).  I'm enjoying the opportunity to home brew for a
change. :)

 VR> I kindly request that any complaints about the COST of a mode S
 VR> downlink please include  the total $$$ value of all their other
 VR> computer and ham radio toys.... just for a reality check, as Maggie so
 VR> succinctly put it!

Well, my costs are relatively small, so far only played with freebie MMDS
converters.  I eventually want to build a decent 2400 MHz transverter and
matching preamp.

 VR> Fire extinguisher ready...
 VR> Vince KD7AI

No flames from me, but I'll stand by with the fire blanket. ;-)

Tony, VK3JED

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