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Hello Bob!

02 Jun 01 10:55, you wrote to Larry Kayser:

 BB> Yep, exactly my point...  look at the complexity of a handheld
 BB> all-mode HT and look at the simplicity of a Mode A transponder.  We
 BB> can build one in a 4" cubesat (but maybe not the higher power
 BB> downlink).
 BB> And there is another point here.  The manufacturers will never build
 BB> an amateur SATELLITE handheld radio.  They would be fools to invest
 BB> millions in such a single use product dependent on a single amateur
 BB> satellite that may or may not live long.

Agreed.  But AMSAT can build satellites that will work with whatever's on the

 BB> That is why all of my satellite ideas are always founded on the
 BB> premise of taking what we "have" and then trying to find a way to use
 BB> if for space...

Which makes sense and shows a bit of ingenuity (a supposed ham trait :) ).

 BB> Thus my Mode-A HANDISAT assumes that by the time it is launched, that
 BB> someone will have produced an all mode HT just because it is the next
 BB> thing to do.  Then WE turn around and use it for space...

Well, an all mode ht for 10m already exists, at least in VK.  There are a
number of "luggable" boxes for 2m, and I think a handheld is quite feasiblle.

Give me a minute or two and I can go mode A pedestrian mobile.  I have tried it
on RS-13 and it worked (OK, 25W on the uplink needs a decent battery, but I
could get in and hear the bird).  Hmm, anyone want to come up on RS-12 and try
me pedestrian mobile?  My Rx might be borderline (really need a few dB more
power to compensate for my minimal antenna), but it's workable.

Anyway for Trans Tasman pedestrian mobile via satellite?

 BB> Even if it such an HT is not produced, the mode A is still usable by
 BB> just about everyone.  Although, in that case, I would make it my
 BB> MODE-V (upside down mode A).  Then anyone with a RS $139 all mode 10m
 BB> rig as the uplink and $50 downconverter can work the bird...  See my
 BB> MODE-V (upsided down mode-A) in the 2000 Amsat proceedings.  Or on my
 BB> CUBESAT page below:

This would be a very easy mode to work.  HF box into any antenna, and a simple
2m converter or rx.

P.S.  I'm serious about trying RS-12 pedestrian mobile, but due to the general
lack of traffic on the satellite, I will only come up if someone wants to have
a sked.  I'm available on weekends mainly.

Tony, VK3JED

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